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Strategy Seminar 2nd, and 3rd Sep. 2019
Data Science/ Machine Learning Seminar 4th, 5th, and 6th Sep. 2019


People Analytics Strategy Seminar (2 days, 220,000 JPY/ person) 

This seminar is mainly designed for those in leadership roles e.g. CHRO, VPHR and HR managers. It is comprised of functional and professional maturity diagnostics, competitive analysis, identifying  talent challenges and root cause analysis, with an introduction to Data-Analysis and Machine Learning being included at the end of the second day.

  • Monday, 2nd and Tuesday, 3rd September

People Analytics Data Science & Machine-Learning Seminar (3 days, 300,000 JPY/ person)

This seminar is mainly designed for Data-Scientists and Data Analysts and is comprised of one day training in the R programming language and 2 days of Data-Science and Machine Learning. An introduction to Strategy of People Analytics is included at the end of the second day.
Please let us know if you already have a strong working knowledge of R.

  • Wednesday, 4th Thursday, 5th and Friday, 6th September 

All seminars include a Capstone project. Participants will be asked to complete the Capstone project within 2 weeks after the seminar to receive their Certificate. 

   The venue for the seminar will be announced to participants by email after registration.   

  *The Strategy Seminar will be held in English only, yet Japanese materials will be available.
   The DataScience/ Machine Learning Seminar will be hosted in English with consecutive Japanese translation.





People Analytics: an answer to the talent management crisis

Selecting, training and retaining the right person for the right position has always been crucial for business success. But in the current fast-paced globalised economy, today’s leaders also need to tackle these talent challenges on an unprecedented scale. Evolution in the job market now requires HR departments to upskill in the provision of quantifiable and science-driven answers to talent questions, therefore it is unsurprising that many consulting firms have started to offer People Analytics services. However, these providers have yet to professionalise this multi-disciplinary function from a time-based add-on to a genuinely value-driven service that combines the expertise of psychometricians and data scientists to solve strategic business challenges. The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and Institution for a Global Society (IGS) have partnered to deliver strategy and analytics seminars that provide a deep insight on these issues. Read more about the content below and equip yourself or your team with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in this exciting and emerging field.


What you will learn about People Analytics

   In our Cambridge Psychometrics Centre x IGS strategy and analytics seminars, you will develop the strategic outlook and practical skills needed to succeed in the establishment, management or optimisation of a People Analytics function within your business. The seminars will combine case studies and exercises with academic material to show how this function can flourish within an organisation and they have been designed to address the major concerns facing both HR executives and analysts. You do not need to be a strategic leader, psychometrician or data scientist to participate fully in the training, since we will provide you with everything you need to start your journey into people analytics.


  Peter Romero from the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre will teach these seminars with a balanced focus on machine learning, psychometrics, and corporate strategy. The structured content will cover a wide range of relevant topics, including how to find and keep the right talent for these functions, how to align the functional set-up with the overall corporate strategy, how to choose the right talent challenge for beacon projects, and how to navigate these projects in a way that generates general buy-in and quantifiable people data for decision-making. You will learn to assess and diagnose professional maturity in this area, to select the correct analytical tools, to evaluate the deployment of emerging technologies such as digital assistants and social networks. You will engage with the privacy-related and ethical aspects of the practice and find solutions that will succeed at a global scale if the organisation requires it.


Delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate co-signed by the facilitators and organisers.

*The Strategy seminar will be hosted in English ONLY (Japanese materials are available).  
The Data Science/ Machine Learning seminar will be held in English with professional consecutive Japanese translation.


All participants who attend the seminar and also complete the Capstone project will receive an official attendance certificate signed by the facilitators. The certificate will be branded with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and Institution for a Global Society logos.


What is so great about our seminar?

The seminar provided exceptional attention to detail elements, great examples of real business case studies, deep expertise credibility. Some really thoughtful provoking ideas for application.

Peter's expertise in data for People Analytics application is excellent.


E. S.
Industrial Psychologist

Although, I was very new to People Analytics, I was able to set a big picture of People Analytics, and understand some kind of details of various aspects through the seminar. 

Y. K.

I could understand the concept of People Analytics as a practical activity, such as the method to install People Analytics in an organization (failed case and project management).

The seminar provided the information which I was not aware of and helped me to plan for future business. 

K. K.

THE Facilitator

"IGS is uniquely positioned between academia and business, deploying the latest research in deep learning and psychometrics for people analytics, and as such its' DNA resembles that of the Psychometrics Centre."

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Peter Romero

Psychometrician and People Analytics Lead, Cambridge Psychometrics Centre
Extensive background in management consulting.
Seven years in HR and strategy leadership roles.

Prior to joining the Centre, he worked in strategy consulting and corporate R&D, where he oversaw several global People Analytics projects, covering issues as diverse as retention, risk management, appraisal design and development. He was educated at the University of Cambridge and University of Hamburg. His academic research focus is on group dynamics and person-environment interaction, using agent-based modelling, natural language processing and deep learning.

Peter has designed and hosted 5 People Analytics seminar since 2017. He trained over 50 executives, HR directors, data scientists and consultants. In addition to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), he has designed competencies frameworks, created psychometric tests, and helped 9 large companies to develop in-house People Analytics departments.

the agenda

The Strategy seminar will be held in ONLY English (Japanese materials are available). Meanwhile the Data Science/Machine Learning seminar will be held in English with professional consecutive Japanese translation.

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Registrations are open now and closes 7 days before each Seminar.

The People Analytics Strategy Seminar participation fees are  ¥220,000 + tax / person.

It includes the Capstone Project and lunch.

Data Science & Machine-Learning Seminar: ¥300,000 +tax/person.

Invoice will be issued 7 days to 2 weeks before the date of seminar.

Payment due date would be 1 week before the date of seminar.

*Organization of seminar is a subject to a minimum number of participants. If the number of participants are more than the available places,
the participants will be selected by lottery. The results of lottery and cancellation of the seminar will be sent 10 days before the date of seminars.