Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
6:30pm UTC+9 | 5:30pm UTC+8 | 4:30pm UTC+7 
Duration: 1 hour


Mr Peter ROMERO, People Analytics Lead, University of Cambridge, Psychometrics Centre, will explain how to use people data from your company to make strategic decisions and improve recruitment and talent acquisition. 


Following the large success of the People Analytics Webinar hosted on May 29th, we are delighted to launch the People Analytics Webinar series. A series of seminars focusing on specific HR related topics such as employees engagement, recruitment, talent planning, Leadership, Management, Coaching, Career Path management and more. 

In the Second episode, Peter will focus more on how to enhance recruitment and talent planning. 


Through People Analytics Webinar you will...

  • How people analytics can help reduce key performance metrics in talent acquisition (e.g., time to hire, time to fill, and quality of hire)
  • Why personality tests are not sufficient for current talent acquisition needs, and how people analytics can save them
  • New trends in talent acquisition (face analytics, automated video interviews, CV analytics, social media analytics)
  • Why onboarding is part of talent acquisition, and how people analytics can help improving it
  • How people analytics can help unlocking more sustainable recruitment sources like referrals
  • What people analytics and talent acquisition have in common, and what people analytics can learn from it

The People Analytics Webinars are brought to you by The University of Cambridge, Psychometrics Centre and Institution for a Global Society (IGS).

*Webinar offered in only English.