What is the difference between GROW360 and competitor services?

There are two strengths to adopt GROW 360.

① It is impossible to "cheat" the test. IAT checks the unconscious bias of the candidate, so it is difficult to intentionally manipulate the reply. Moreover, the 360 degree evaluation of GROW also evaluates quality of the assessor. If an evaluator consistently assesses candidates favorably or negatively in an extreme way, corrections such as lowering the weight of evaluation attached are made.

② Unlike other assessment technologies, our artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms reach high levels of precision with consistent usage. By adopting GROW360, we will construct a highly accurate judgment model by machine learning from the accumulated candidate data. Furthermore, by continuing to capture new data, the accuracy of judgment will continue to improve. This unique advantage is a feature not found in traditional paper-based methods nor in other HR tech services.

Even without knowledge of data analysis, can you use it?

You do not have to be an expert or have a strong background in data analysis to execute our technology. GROW360 will automatically judge the assessment results received for recruitment candidates. Our sales and data consultants also work with you to make sure you can glean the most insights from collected data.

How much time and effort is required to recruit candidates using GROW360?

The examination takes about 45 minutes, but since it is possible to do it from a smartphone or tablet, candidates can select a convenient time and place that works best for them.